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Collaborative Co-Parenting


What readers are saying about "8 Weeks to Collaborative Co-Parenting for Divorcing Parents," the book on which this course is based.

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"The courts and parents need a co-parenting program for the benefit of the children. "8 Weeks to Collaborative Co-Parenting for Divorcing Parents" is the best program value that has come along in my 38 years of practicing family law. This gives a possibility for co-parenting for those who cannot afford private counseling."

~ D. Thomas Woodruff, Attorney, Certified Family Law Specialist, Member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

"I am finding this book to be fun to read and worth its weight in gold; it is much more than another co-parenting book. It is very well organized and thought out and reflects a deep understanding of the complex issues at play in this kind of elemental conflict. I think parents will find that it is a useful guide to improving not only their co-parenting, but their whole post-divorce life, and what could be better for their kids than that?"

~ Jack Love, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Co-parent Counselor, Court Custody Mediator and Evaluator, Divorce Coach and Child Specialist

"As an experienced family law attorney and trained mediator and collaborative professional, I think this program is a valuable tool for all people going through a divorce and an excellent guide on how parents can preserve their relationships with their children, and how to develop a structure for their future relationship. This book will also provide insight to attorneys, mediators, religious leaders, therapists and other professionals who work with divorcing families to effectively help parents and their children through their troubling times."

~ Mark Johannessen, Collaborative Attorney, CPA

"This book includes practical co-parenting tools and also addresses the emotions that often get in the way of divorcing partners being good parents. It will be extraordinarily useful to divorcing parents, to the benefit of children "caught in the middle." The last three chapters are invaluable and bring a sharp focus to the actual parenting tools and strategies that will help resolve conflicts, gain your children's trust, and lay the foundation for long-term success. Carol Delzer's book fills a niche in the body of knowledge on cooperative divorce and co-parenting that has been desperately needed. I highly recommend it."

~ Deni Deutsch Marshall, LCSW, Collaborative Divorce Coach and Child Specialist

"An excellent and very practical book for parents who are divorced. This book captures the importance of communication and co-parenting. This book is easy to read, well organized and provides parents with a wide range of information regarding co-parenting. The step-by-step approach to co-parenting and effective communication will make you a better parent."

~ Penny R. Hancock, MFT, Private Court Mediator and Evaluator, Child Specialist and Divorce Coach

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